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Dangers of Teflon Pans

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We've all heard that Teflon pans are toxic. But how dangerous are these practical helpers?

Who does not like non-stick pans, in which the preparation of healthy omelet without oil is like child's play. The issue is rather what is worse for our health - greasy food or carcinogenic compounds.

Teflon can actually be very unhealthy for you and the rest of humanity, and even the animal kingdom.

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A nonprofit environmental group in America has already conducted a number of simple tests, which found that non-stick pans are heated to a temperature high enough to cause the release of toxic fumes. All within a few minutes.

Teflon is one of the most used industrial products, but recently the agency categorically prohibits Teflon-coated pans.

The levels at which these harmful emissions lead to real health problems in humans have not been established. It should be borne in mind, however, that there are many cases of dead poultry birds from the fumes of Teflon pans and then within just 30 minutes

Numerous studies have identified potential risks of everything from hypothyroidism to cancer in humans and laboratory animals.

Another study, which lasted seven years, says people using such vessels more likely to have thyroid problems. Many of them are sick with cancer.

And here comes the question of which is more risky. To expose yourself to a rich in fat diet or potential toxicity. Well, actually it's quite easy to avoid both by switching to a cast iron skillet. It is ideal for cooking almost anything.

And with the addition of a thin layer of oil on the bottom immediately, you get non-stick coating, and low fat too. They, unlike Teflon pans, are timeless and can be found easily in stores. Pretty good investment, given all the health and environmental problems which they will save you.