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It is dangerous have an excesses of sweets

Nina NordNina Nord
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Overindulgence in sweets

Sweet are favorites of many, but few know that they can be very harmful if you overdo it. If you have too much of a sweet tooth, it can harm your immune system and weaken your defenses against infectious diseases.

Overuse of sweets can upset the balance of minerals in the body and lead to deficiency of copper and chrome, also preventing the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

Sweets in large quantities can cause a sharp rise in adrenaline, which can be a cause for concern and distraction.

Sweets can damage the elasticity of the tissues and impair their function. Sweets can also cause diseases of the stomach and increase the risk of ulcers if taken in large quantities.

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Sweets, if you overdo it with them, can increase the acidity of saliva and cause the destruction of teeth, but also cause gum disease.

Excess of sweets may cause asthma and arthritis. Overuse of jam helps the strong growth of different types of fungi.

This can cause gallstones and also hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Overuse of sweets can reduce the body's sensitivity to insulin and thus cause high levels of insulin.

Sweets in large quantities can reduce the level of vitamin E and lower blood pressure, cause drowsiness and reduce activity.

Large amounts of sweets taken regularly lead to chronic headaches. Excess of sugar products causes a decrease in collagen and thus - more rapid aging.

Sweets in large amounts may increase the fat in the liver and also increase the size of the liver and kidneys.

Overuse of sweets decreases your capillary walls and makes tendons susceptible to tearing.

Overuse of sweets can cause addiction, as it mobilizes the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. This substance acts as an antidepressant and causes a person to seek to obtain more of it, to feel calm.

This causes addiction like a drug – when one eats sweet, their mood improves, then worsens as the effects of the sweets passes. To feel good again, the person starts eating sweets once more.