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Is it dangerous to eat excesses of spicy food?

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The effect of pungent spices on the human body: they excite the appetite, leading to stimulation of the digestive tract and improving digestion. Many people do not sit at the table if there is no plate with chili peppers or various chili spices. Tripe soup is delicious especially when it is spiced with cayenne pepper.

Chili seasoning has an influence on our circulation. They purify the blood vessels and significantly improve their elasticity.

Carotenoids that are found in chili peppers, help improve vision. However, you should not be having too much chili seasoning.

They are absolutely contraindicated for people with diseases of the stomach, especially at times when suffering from an exacerbation of these diseases.

Sometimes you can get allergies to different types of chili spices. A spicy condiment consumed in larger doses, is an irritant to the stomach lining. This can lead to the development of different types of stomach problems.

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Even an absolutely healthy person can get various unpleasant feelings after an excesses of hot food, and people who suffer from gastritis, should never overdo it. You feel a strong burning sensation in the stomach and even get sick if you are too serious with the pungent spices. In this case, you should drink buttermilk or eat a tomato to neutralize the effects.

Pungent tastes, for people who have gastritis or ulcers, may be a critical threat. With an excesses even bleeding can occur in people who suffer from these diseases.

It is known that chili seasonings have higher costs of energy and can cause rapid weight loss. You should not be relying too much on spicy food for weight loss, because it can cause serious damage to your stomach lining.