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It is dangerous to have too much fried food

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When consuming fried foods, you should know that products fried in already used oil that is cooled and then heated again are very harmful.

When frying, do not overheat the oil to make it smoke, this is a sign that the fat forms harmful toxins. Simmer over medium heat, constantly turning or stirring the products.

Frying in oil, regardless of its origin - plant or animal - adds a lot more calories to those that already exist in the product.

This can lead to being overweight. You can easily calculate how many calories are added to the products after they frying. Soak one hundred grams of fried items in two grams of fat. Add nine calories per gram of absorbed fat.

For example, a potato weighing two hundred grams and hundred and forty calories becomes a more caloric product by an additional thirty-six calories from the soaked in four grams of fat.

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It is important that with frying, most products lose their nutrients. A high temperature also destroys the vitamins in them.

Frying in trans fats - hydrogenated vegetable fat - is cheaper, but the consumption of these oil products increases the risk of a heart attack.

When frying products that contain carbohydrates, such as potatoes, acrylamides form. These substances increase the risk of diseases of the nervous system and can cause serious damage to many internal organs.

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Acrylamide is formed in a chemical reaction of sugars and the amino acid asparagine, which occurs when heating food above 180 degrees.

In the heat of roasting, acrylamides also form, but they are many times less than frying.

People who love fried food, can not easily be separated their beloved taste sensations. They can replace them with grilled food. It also forms a tasty crust, but has no added fat.

If you eat too much of fried food the risk of atherosclerosis increases, because of the large amount of harmful cholesterol in the oil, and it can lead to violations of the processes of metabolism in the body.