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Is it dangerous to consume cold drinks?

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Many of us when, we go to restaurants, order cold water in which we even add ice cubes. At home, we also drink ice cold water, soft drinks and juices. However, this can have negative effects on the body. At first, it starts with annoying colds.

The other negative impact is the negative effect of cold water and drinks on the processes of digestion. Ice cold water is not recommended for drinking immediately after eating, and if you keep your drinks cold, wait at least three hours after eating to drink them.

The food begins to digest in the stomach through the action of digestive enzymes and in terms of other structural elements, it passes into the small intestine.

If you drink very cold drinks, the food’s passage is very fast and undigested food enters the intestine. Instead of a few hours, the food stays in the stomach only twenty minutes, which is very harmful.


As a result of the invasion of cold fluids, digestion is disturbed and decay processes that are harmful to the body occur immediately. Proteins fail to be broken down to amino acids and will just rot in the intestines, which will be accompanied by pains in the stomach.

The recommended temperature of drinks is seven to fifteen degrees. When taking cold drinks, food is literally ejected from the stomach to the intestines.

This is dangerous not only because of violations in digestion, but also because it is a shortcut to obesity. This way, you will not feel full and you will quickly feel hungry again.

You can also get colitis and other stomach problems if you frequently drink cold water before, during and after meals. For the same reasons, that the consumption of ice-cold drinks is not recommended, it is not recommended to eat ice cream immediately after eating.