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Is it Healthy to Drink Tea?

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Drinking tea

Tea, especially green tea, is extremely good for your health. Tea consumption can be included in your overall healthy diet with whole grains, fish, fruit and vegetables and less red and processed meat.

The main health-promoting substances in tea are polyphenols, in particular catechins and epicatechins. Laboratory studies and studies on animal show, that these molecules have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies by Harvard researchers on large groups of people over time have found that tea or coffee drinkers are at lower risk of diabetes and possibly cardiovascular disease.

People around the world have been drinking tea for thousands of centuries and have good reason to do so. Numerous studies show that different teas can boost your immune system, fight inflammation and even prevent cancer. Although some drinks provide more health benefits than others, there is ample evidence that drinking tea regularly can have a lasting effect on your health.

Turn on the kettle because we will share some of the biggest benefits hidden in the most popular teas in the world.

White Tea

Known for its delicate taste, white tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis, which is grown in China and India. This is the least processed variety of tea. Research shows that it may be the most effective tea in the fight against various forms of cancer, thanks to its high level of antioxidants.

White tea can also be good for your teeth, as it is a source of fluoride, catechins and tannins, which can strengthen teeth and fight plaque. This variety also offers the least amount of caffeine, which makes it a great choice for tea drinkers who want to limit caffeine consumption.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are very similar to white teas, but contain a mixture of herbs, spices, fruit or other plants in addition to tea leaves. Herbal teas do not contain caffeine, which is why they are known for their soothing properties. There are many types of herbal teas, which are known for their unique benefits. Some of the most popular herbal teas include:

Benefits of drinking tea

Chamomile tea - helps reduce menstrual cramps and muscle spasms, improves sleep and relaxation and reduces stress.

Rooibos - improves blood pressure and blood circulation, increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol at the same time.

Mint tea - Contains menthol, which can soothe upset stomachs and serve as a remedy for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and seasickness. This type of tea also offers pain relief for tension headaches and migraines.

Ginger tea - helps fight morning sickness, can be used to treat chronic indigestion and helps relieve joint pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Hibiscus - Lowers blood pressure and fat levels, improves overall liver health and can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Green tea

Green tea originates from China. It is extremely high in flavonoids, which can help improve your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and reducing blood clotting. Studies show, that this type of tea can also help lower blood pressure, triglycerides and total cholesterol. This variety of tea has proven anti-inflammatory properties.

Black Tea

Black tea is made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, the same plant used to make green tea. However, the leaves are dried and fermented, giving black tea a darker color and richer taste. Unlike many other varieties, black tea contains caffeine. When you pour a cup of black tea, you will benefit from flavonoids, which fight inflammation and maintain healthy immune function.