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When to drink tea

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Drinking tea is useful, especially during the winter months, when all you need is something warm. Tea should not drink on an empty stomach in the morning to eat something before the first sip of tea.

Do not drink tea, which is more than an hour old. Exceptions are made only for herbal teas, but they should be drank 6 hours after infusion, unless kept cool. Black and green tea should be drunk immediately after.

Drink green tea when you need to cheer up, but also if you want to lose weight and have velvety skin. Green tea reduces the harmful cholesterol and accelerates your metabolism, which helps the faster burning of fat.

Green and black tea, early morning is recommended as a substitute for coffee. They contain substances that help wake the body up and can successfully replace your morning coffee.

Raspberry tea and tea leaves of wild strawberry are for when you feel cold. They are a powerful remedy for colds and can help you regain your voice if you lost it during the cold days.

hibiscus tea

Drink thyme and lemon balm tea when you feel that your nervous system is on the verge of collapse. These teas are blended with honey, to give you calm and sober thoughts.

Herbal teas for the morning are ones that will wake you up - these are chamomile, rosehip, hibiscus, tea berries. They fill your body with vitamins.

Good to drink in the evening is tea that has a relaxing effect and will set you to sleep. These teas are made from leaves of cherry, raspberry, St. John's wort, lemon balm and dried strawberries.

In winter it is better to drink tea from the dried leaves of raspberry, rose hips fruit, berries, currant, nettle leaves and St. John's Wort. These teas warm you and make you feel optimistic despite the lack of sufficient solar heat and light.

In summer it is better to drink tea from freshly picked herbs, this will give you energy on a sunny day.