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This Is Why We Need To Drink Green Tea Every Day

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Green Tea

Tea leaves are rich in antioxidants - substances that neutralize the accumulated free radicals in the cells of the body and thus help reduce the risk of many diseases.

Light tea can be consumed by everyone. However, strong teas are not recommended for young children, pregnant and breast feeding women. This is because they contain a significant amount of caffeine. Moderate amounts are recommended - up to three or four glasses a day, preferably on an empty stomach or at least an hour after a meal.

Regular green tea drinking combined with a harmonious life will lead to less frequent illnesses. Here are some of the benefits of green tea:

1. Drinking green tea strengthens the spirit, lifts the mood and strengthens memory, as well as our brain activity;

2. Green tea has a refreshing and invigorating effect and helps us with fatigue;

3. Green tea has the ability to protect teeth from caries. Even some studies by English scientists confirm that dental caries is less common in people who drink green tea daily than those who do not;

Drinkin Green Tea

4. Green tea supports the normal functioning of our heart and stomach;

5. It manages to stimulate blood circulation and increases energy;

6. Consumption of green tea protects against malignant tumors. It strengthens the body's immune functions and has a beneficial effect on the protection of radiation sickness, radiation and poisoning;

7. It manages to slow down the aging process of cells. In addition, it contributes to rejuvenation and longevity;

8. It contains many substances necessary for the human body. Zinc, for example, which is in it, plays an important role in the proper course of pregnancy. For this reason, women should not stop consuming it during their pregnancy;

9. Cleanses the blood of bad cholesterol, as well as other harmful substances and layers on the walls of blood vessels. Prevents and treats atherosclerosis, helps with high blood pressure, as well as heart problems and diseases;

10. Stimulates the excretory system, the kidney and bladder functions;

11. Strengthens the motor ability of the body and strengthens our nervous system;

12. Green tea can cure obesity. It also helps in beautification;

13. Its consumption has a beneficial effect on eye problems and diseases and strengthens the eyes;

14. Regulates the balance between alkalis and acids in the body.