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An Ice Cream Diet - is it Possible?

Monika IvanovaMonika Ivanova
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Ice Cream Woman

One third of women around the world don't like their body shape and all their lives they try to find the perfect recipe for getting into the norm. Everyone hates limiting themselves, so when someone somewhere mentioned ice cream diet, women flocked to it en masse, without thinking about whether such a thing could actually exist.

This type of diet grew in popularity about 2 years ago, when the owners of a store selling vegetarian products in a small American town heard about it and decided to use it to sell greater quantities of their ice cream products.

In order to prevent people from having any doubts about the diet's effectiveness, they were constantly told that they shouldn't worry about the sweetness of the ice cream but focus on the saturated fats in it, which help to speed up metabolism, thereby leading to weight loss.

They were told to eat ice cream 5 times a day, with the store in question selling them almost 12 1/2 cups (3 L) for $240. They were to divide up this amount for 4 days and combine it with juices, yoghurt, orange cream, cinnamon, pollen.

There was an effect because that much sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner definitely satiate one's hunger and all you feel like having after you finish is a drink. The weight will be shed drastically but will return double after the diet is over and your body is back to its normal way of eating.

Ice Cream

Be careful about what kinds of diets you get involved in because oftentimes a great majority of them turn out to be nothing but a marketing trick for advertising one product or another, while ultimately, the victims are you and your entire body.