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Dinner in Prison for the Hardcore

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Chinese restaurant owners have come up with a new way to entertain their customers - an unusual type of restaurant has opened its doors, in which visitors get to eat in prison cells. If you've ever wondered how prisoners feel, now you can find out to some degree by dining out at this new Chinese restaurant.

Of course, the main thing that makes it different from real prisons is the food (prisoners don't get such delicious meals) but everything else is quite authentic. You can have a nice quiet dinner with your partner or bring a large and noisy group of friends - the choice is yours.

Restaurant staff explain that they will give a large enough cell depending on the number of people, so that every customer feels comfortable. The restaurant is a mirror image of real Chinese prisons - there are interrogation rooms and of course, solitary confinement units.

In addition, the food in the restaurant is served through door hatches. To mollify the bizarre atmosphere, the owners have taken care to provide live music. And in keeping up with the prison theme, the musicians too have their own separate cell.

The owner states that his restaurant is an attempt to remind all of his customers how important it is to cherish their freedom and delicious food.


The extravagant eating place likely has its own fans, just like the diner that will be offering a menu consisting of the last meals of inmates on death row.

That particular restaurant will open its doors at the end of next month; it is located in Hoxton Square in London. Promotion of the restaurant was made using mock prisoners, who were a sort of live ad - they walked around with the last meal list of death row inmates attached to their necks.

Each dinner will include 5 different courses and will cost at least 50 pounds. The owners promise that everyone who decides to visit the establishment will get the opportunity to find out which meals are at the top of the list as a final dinner of those awaiting execution.

Besides supporters, this restaurant has no small number of opposers - there is an organized group in social networks demanding that the diner not be allowed to open. According to them, this idea is not just in bad taste but also cruel.