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Cheap Cooking Utensils - Hidden Danger?

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Every housewife will prefer to buy new cookware that is comfortable and at the same time cheap. But often even inexpensive ones tend to be detrimental to the health, since the food cooked therein takes toxins from the material from which the vessel is made.

Moreover, inexpensive enameled dishes very quickly slough off, cooking hulled food in enamelled pots is not good for the body. There’s microbic rust that passes to the food without noticing them, and seriously harm your health.

Tiny particles of enamel peel off and accumulation within the body can cause many serious diseases. So cheap cooking utensils can become a time bomb.

The quality and taste of cooked dishes depends on the container in which they were prepared. Aluminum pots and pans for example, that are of dubious origin, can have a very negative effect on the body.

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If you want to cook not only delicious but also safe, choose an aluminum pan, which is suitably coated. It will use the best heat conductivity of aluminum, without risking the health of your family.

Some cheap dishes are zinc coated. This is very harmful to the body, as the heating of such a vessel forms zinc salts, maintained in the product. They are poisonous to the body, but since doses are small, they do not kill, but cause various dangerous diseases.

Cheap teflon pans are also not recommended, as the Teflon coating is of questionable quality. When heated, it can give off harmful substances in products.

Containers of melamine are very harmful and selling them in Europe is forbidden. Such containers are like porcelain, but are plastic with formaldehyde. The use of such containers results in diseases of the skin, eyes, liver, stomach and lungs.

Stainless steel, as well as perspex are best for cooking and even their cheap options are not as harmful to health.