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Tips for Cooking Poultry

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Roasted duck

Poultry contains more complete protein than the meat of domestic animals. Bird fat has a lower temperature of melting than beef.

When you buy frozen chicken or other bird meat, thaw slowly at temperatures no higher than 18 degrees. Avoid defrosting with hot water, since all valuable substances will go in the water.

If you need to pluck the feathers of the bird, do it in the opposite direction of their natural growth, starting from the neck.

stuffed duck

The remaining small feathers must be singed, and then rub the bird with grated wheat and wash with warm and then cold water.

The bird is clean from inside and cut the belly open. The crop and esophagus are clean through the hole made in the neck. Cut the glands at the back of the bird.

duck with potato

The head, legs and edges of the wings are cut. The legs, head, neck and giblets are used to prepare the soup. If you need to use a whole chicken, it must be processed.

This is the principle of pockets. The lower part of the belly skin is cut on both sides and in these sections is tucked at the ends of the legs, and cuts to sew.

Large stuffed birds are prepared for baking as follows: put the chicken on its back and fill, then with sharp sticks gather the edges of the incision, the thread is tightened and secured.

bird meat

The meat of wild birds has smell and taste, so before using, to marinate at least 2-3 hours in a weak solution of vinegar with spices such as coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg.

To check if it’s a young bird, press its breast bone. It is soft, easily sinking, and the meat is yellowish. Old birds have a solid keel, and gray meat. If the bird is to be delicious and tender, rub it inside and out with lemon juice.

Roasted goose or duck gain a crimpy crust, if you wash with cold water just before baking. Chicken rind is golden if pre rubbed with cream.

Before you bake an old bird, first boil until in a semi-finished state, then bake whole or cut into pieces and fry with breadcrumbs and then spread with cream.