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Tips for Cooking Salmon

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Tips for Cooking Salmon

So much has been written about the health benefits of eating salmon. that if we speak on the subject again, we would probably annoy you. However, remember how much wisdom is hidden in the words of the writer Ventseslav Konstantinov, who says that The healthiest food is one that is delicious.That's why here are some tips on cooking salmon to make it not only a healthy food, but also delicious.

1. The most annoying thing about eating fish lies in the fact that you have to remove its bones while eating. If you do not buy boneless salmon fillets, we recommend that you remove the bones in advance, so that you can enjoy this magnificent fish to the fullest. This is done using fine pliers or even tweezers and gently pulling the bones in the direction they are located in the salmon's body.

2. You may think you need to remove the salmon skin, but we don't recommend it. When you cook it on the grill, pan or in the oven, it will protect the fish meat from burning. Once it's ready, you won't have any problems removing the skin, which, unlike its bones, comes off very easily when the fish is cooked.

Cooking Salmon

3. A common mistake when cooking salmon is that it is subjected to long heat treatment. In order not to make the fish fall apart, or to make it look like porridge, "throw" it briefly in a pan or grill, which is heated to a very high temperature and only then (if necessary) leave it to bake in the oven. but at low temperature.

4. As much as we love to eat fish, we are always worried that our kitchen will absorb all the fishy odors. If you are boiling salmon for fish soup or you want to stew it lightly, add aromatic herbs, lemon juice or a little white wine to its water. This will minimize the odors. This technique also applies to cooking fish in general, not just salmon.

Salmon Pate

5. Have you got leftover cooked salmon? Do not throw it away and do not rush to offer it to your cat. Put it in the fridge and the next day prepare a salad with your leftovers of your choice, salmon pate or appetizing and healthy breakfast sandwiches.