Tips for cooking duck

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Roast Duck

Duck is very fat and has its subtleties that if implemented, will make for a very tasty dish. Although both are feathered, it is not the same thing to cook chicken and duck – they ar different not only in recipes, but also the preparation of the meat before actual cooking. Duck has a very large amount of subcutaneous fat.

1. Before you cook it, wash it with water very thoroughly - inside and out;

2. One of the most important things when cooking duck meat is to have removed all the feathers from the bird - even if you buy it from a store, they are often not clean enough;

3. If you want a crispy crust, you can smear honey on it – it will acquire not only a great taste, but a very appetizing tan;

Duck Fillet

4. If you are on a diet, do not eat the skin of the duck - it is very oily. To drain at least part of the fat, you must place a few holes with a fork in various places;

5. The best is to roast the duck and place it under the grill and the grill itself into a court in which the fat can drop. Pour water into the container to prevent fat burns;

6. Before starting to cook duck, you must remove both glands, which are located around the rump. If you leave them there, they will give a very peculiar and unpleasant taste to the meat;

7. When cooking duck meat, you should know that the birds’ fillets are cooked much faster than their legs. So it is better to cook them either separate or remove the fillets early, but leave the legs to cook more time;

8. If you want to split it into portions once it is baked well, you must begin with the legs of the bird, then remove the wings and finally take care of the fillets starting from the neck of the bird. If it is necessary, leave the legs in the oven a little longer.