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Tips for Cooking with Steam

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cooking with steam

All products can be processed in a container for cooking steam - meat, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables and wheat. Steam is used to prepare delicious meals and desserts.

For many products, the preparation of steam is the best way to preserve their nutritional properties. When steam cooked, more vitamins and trace elements remain in them, which have a rich taste, rather than being prepared in another way.

Steam products are impossible to burn or get a nasty black crust. Some of the products are not suitable for cooking with steam as they are converted to pulp.

These include pasta varieties with soft wheat. Some steam devices cooking have a special bowl, in which water is further poured. Mature peas and beans are difficult to cook with steam, because the process takes too much time.

When steam cooking, products are treated with wet heat, unlike in the dry heat oven. Thus, maintaining product color and the vitamins in it.

steamed vegetables

After steaming, the products do not lose their natural shape and color, the taste is preserved, and the food looks very appetizing. Steaming is suitable for people who value healthy eating.

In some diseases - such as gastritis, ulcers and other stomach diseases - steaming is very useful. Steaming is also good for people with cardiovascular disease who are advised not to eat oily food. Cooking with steam helps young mothers, as food prepared this way is very important for young children.

The device for steaming is a water container which is heated to a state of boiling using a heater. Over the water, there is a fixed basket of products. Thus, you can prepare multiple dishes.

steam cooking devices

The water in the appliance for cooking with steam passes through the full cycle of boiling and evaporation of condensation, and then is collected in a special pan. The juice that flows from products during their preparation falls There.

Those who have once used the device for steaming will use it permanently, as food cooked in it, is very tasty. Baskets in the unit for steaming are placed one above the other. The top basket comes with a lid.

Modern steam cooking may also be used for heating food, and to sterilize baby bottles of milk.

If you forget that you are cooking while watching a series on TV, evaporation of water in the cooking steam will turn off automatically. There’s nothing to worry about, unlike cooking stove and oven.

You can steam cook with a delayed start - the food will start to cook while you are still at work, when you return, you may simply serve delicious meals on the table.

steamed fish

Products which require longer cooking are placed in the lower basket, and those which are prepared quickly - above.

If the steamer has three baskets, the third is mainly to be used to defrost food and cooking is done at the two lower baskets, as it will not have enough heat for the top.

A steamer is very convenient as it is easily washed. There’s no fat to become sticky and difficult to peel.

When selecting a device for steaming, choose a high-power, with delayed start and electronic controls. It is better if the unit has an external indicator of the level of the water.