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Some Important Tips for Cooking Rice

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According to numerous professional chefs, one of the hardest tasks in cooking is to make a delicious rice, which looks delightful on the outside as well. Here are a few tips, which may aid you if your rice is not turning out the way you would like.

Long-grain rice is a strange variety. The grains reach up to 1/4" in length, which do not stick together unless you overcook it or stir too vigorously. It is suitable for making pilaf.

Medium-grain rice (3/16" - 1/4") stays apart during boiling, but sticks together after cooling down. Use it to prepare delicious risotto, paella and certain types of desserts.

Short-grain rice (1/8" - 3/16") is quite sticky and tends to become mushy after boiling. The reason for this is that it contains a larger amount of starch. It is especially suitable for making Japanese sushi.

Varieties of rice

Each type of rice has its own average time in which it is fully cooked. Know that brown and whole grain rice are most rich in nutrients, taking about 45 min. to prepare. Steamed brown rice usually cooks in 25 min. and as a result, retains a large portion of its vitamins and minerals.

White rice takes 15 min. to cook, but contains less vitamins and minerals. Steamed white rice is ready for consumption in just 10 to 15 min. and is also rich in nutrients. White polished rice has a high glycemic index, since it is easily digestible. It takes 10 min. to cook.

To make a scrumptious rice easily and seamlessly, it is best to soak it in water for about half an hour. This way it softens and boils as fast as possible. Even its beneficial substances remain if you soak it for a little while. However, if you are in a rush and cannot wait for the rice to soak, you must wash it well before cooking it - the water must become clear.


Your rice won't stick together while boiling if you add a few drops of olive oil to the water, as well as 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. A common mistake is putting the rice to come to a boil along with the water - it is crucial to let the water reach 210°F (100 °C) first and only then to pour in the product.

Note: Always cook rice on low heat!

A low temperature helps for the better absorption of water. The rule is as follows: the heat must be high for the first 5 min, during the next 15 min. - lower and cover with a lid, and finally, cook for another 15 min. with the stove or oven off.