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soy flour

Soy is one of the most popular foods among vegans and vegetarians. It provides different products, one of which is soya flour. With soy grains, you can make flour, which is very useful. The peculiarity of soy flour is that it has a fairly large percentage of protein content. Many experts believe that dough has particularly good qualities if soy flour is mixed with an equal quantity of wheat flour. Soy flour is made from de- hulled, roasted soy beans, which are then ground to a fine powder.

Soy flour is found in two varieties - whole and skimmed, the second type is far more common. In skimmed flour all oils are removed during processing. Both have health benefits, but skimmed provides more calcium and protein.

Composition of soy flour

Soybean meal is an excellent source of high quality soya protein, fiber and important biologically active compounds, such as isoflavones. The two most important representatives of isoflavones, which are found in this flour are genistein and daidzein. This provides the body with large amounts of potassium and iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

It has vitamins of the B group. The quantity of fat in the soy meal is small - only 2%. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are extremely valuable for the cardiovascular system. Contains no cholesterol or gluten.

Selection and storage of soy flour

In places, the best types can be purchased from specialized organic shops.

soy products

Keep soy flour in an airtight container, where it can stay fresh for up to one year. Best keep it in the fridge. If not stored properly, the shelf life decreases dramatically.

Soy flour in cooking

Most often, soy flour is used in combination with a simple meal. For example, it can be used for home dough for pizzas or delicious pancakes. Soy flour is ideal for making bread and small cakes. In these recipes, soy flour should be about 30% of the wheat or rye flour. Always mix thoroughly before using soya flour.

Many cooks use soy flour to thicken cream sauces, use it for homemade soya milk or frying. Frying it reduces the amount of fat that is usually swallowed with fried foods. Soy flour is suitable for baking, as demonstrated. It brings a good amount of protein in home baking and keeps items fresh for a long time.

Other benefits of baking, which soy flour has are a golden color, fine texture, tenderness and good taste. It is important to note that soya flour should be used in baked goods that do not require yeast /quick breads, muffins, etc./

Note that baked products containing soya flour tend to brown faster, so you may need to shorten the cooking time and decrease the temperature. Furthermore, soya flour is a good substitute for eggs in baking. One tablespoon of it, mixed with 15 ml water, replaces one egg.


Benefits of soya flour

Soybean meal is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, due to its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Since there is no cholesterol, it is particularly valuable for people who have high cholesterol levels or suffer from obesity. Some research says isoflavone in the flour helps prevent blood clots, plaque in the arteries, stroke and heart attack. This flour does not contain gluten, making it ideal for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

Women in menopause can also include soy flour in their menu. Soy flour can reduce night sweats, hot flashes, irritability and mood swings.

Since soy flour is rich in calcium, it is useful for maintaining healthy bones and joints. It also contains boron and magnesium, which further increase the effect of calcium.


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