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What Prevents the Good Absorption of Iron in the Body

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What Prevents the Good Absorption of Iron in the Body

Low levels of iron in a person's body cause a number of unpleasant symptoms - fatigue, poor concentration, frequent depressive states. This iron deficiency can lead to a number of negative health consequences - the most common being the development of anemia.

Iron is an extremely necessary element of the body, because the correct formation of erythrocytes - red blood cells - depends on it.

Iron enters the body mainly through food, but its deficiency can be caused both by the insufficient amount of the mineral in food and by improper absorption of iron in the body.

Dietary iron is separated into two distinct forms—heme and non-heme. Non-heme has lower absorption qualities for the body. Therefore, some foods interfere with the proper absorption of iron.

These include nuts, seeds, soy products, legumes, whole grains and green leafy vegetables, as they contain one of the most powerful inhibitors of non-heme iron absorption - phytic acid.

It is recommended to wait at least 2 hours after eating before consuming any of the foods that interfere with the absorption of iron. Milk, dairy products and eggs also complicate this process - be careful with their intake as well.

Foods that interfere with the absorption of iron in the body

Another component that suppresses iron absorption is oxalic acid found primarily in spinach, soy foods, wheat bran, nuts and nut oils.

Polyphenols are beneficial plant compounds with antioxidant properties, but unfortunately, some of them also block the absorption of iron in the body. They are found in beverages such as coffee, cocoa and tea. Experts recommend drinking at least 2 hours before and after meals.

It's good to know! The intake of which foods support the good absorption of the necessary amount of iron, but at the same time to ensure enough energy.

Unlike non-heme iron, heme iron is more easily absorbed. It is mainly found in animal products such as chicken and veal liver, veal, red turkey meat, duck, tuna, chicken legs, pork, lamb, etc.

For full absorption of iron, experts advise consuming iron foods along with vitamin C or other acids.

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