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Why Don’t I Feel Like Drinking Water?

Diana IvanovaDiana Ivanova
Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Защо не ми се пие вода?

If you are not thirsty, it does not mean that your body does not need fluids. Every day, in different ways, we use up 1.5-2.5 liters of water at a comfortable temperature and humidity and during heat and physical exertion, even more. This should alert anyone who says they are doing well without drinking plain water by replacing it with tea, juices, vegetables and fruit.

Keep in mind: reluctance to drinking water is most likely not a whim, but weakened kidney function or a disorder in the transmission and reception of impulses in the nerve cells of your body. In other words, you need fluids, you just do not feel this need.

What to do if you don't feel like drinking water

Visit a therapist and also be examined by a nephrologist and a neurologist. Specialists will be able to identify the root of the problem and prescribe competent treatment.

As an incentive not to delay the visit to the doctor, here is a list of diseases and symptoms that occur due to lack of water in the body:

Nе ми се пие вода?

- The occurrence of kidney stones;

- Metabolic disorders and as one of the consequences, weight gain;

- Increased blood density, which leads to disruption of all organs;

- Deterioration of skin quality and appearance of wrinkles;

- Indigestion;

- Shortness of breath and headache;

- Increased body temperature;

- Violation of the logic of speech and the ability to move;

- Muscle spasms.

How to help yourself?

You can calculate the required minimum amount of water per day using the following formula: multiply 30 ml by the number of kilograms of your weight. If the air is hot or dry, then you will need more water and if there is physical activity, then even more. This is determined by the feeling of thirst. If this feeling is unreliable, try to drink the calculated minimum.


Remember, though, that coffee and black tea not only don't count, they dehydrate the body. Sugary drinks don't count either. If it helps, try adding honey to the water on the tip of a spoon. Drink herbal teas.

Keep a bottle of water nearby and take a few sips, but more often. Or maybe you will like slightly warmed water - the main thing is to make drinking water and teas pleasant for you.