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Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper

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Forget about strict diets and the long lists of foods to avoid! All those who wish to lose weight but find it hard to constantly deprive themselves of all sorts of foods, can now breathe easy. It turns out that the secret lies in not just what we eat but also when we consume our food, writes Popsugar.

Michelle Bridges works as a personal trainer and is also author of the book Total Body Transformation - she gives her valuable advice to people experiencing problems with eating and weight.

Bridges recommends eating breakfast like a king, having lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. The expert explains why these tips are important and if they are applicable in real life.

Above all, a plentiful breakfast in the morning will load you with enough energy for the day and plus you'll have plenty of time to burn those calories throughout the day. Additionally, you won't be starving when lunchtime rolls around and you'll forget about overeating in the evening.


The personal trainer shares that the majority of people with whom she's worked in fact always skipped breakfast. They barely ate anything the entire day and when they finally got home from work at night, they ate enormous amounts of food and therefore tremendous amount of calories. A large portion of Bridges's clients would even get up to eat during the night.

You can't beat nature, so instead of messing around with it, conform to it and take advantage of what it offers. Many dietitians and fitness instructors agree with this position - breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and needs to be the most abundant.

Other experts who recommend eating caloric foods mainly in the morning are the famous personal trainer Bob Harper and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Peterson, who is the one responsible for Sofia Vergara's curves, advises his clients not to eat carbohydrates like pasta or rice in the later hours of the day.


Another nutritionist - Shira Lenchewski - explains that the biological rhythm of the human body also leads to changes in metabolism. This makes heavier foods loaded with carbs easier to digest if they are eaten in the earlier hours of the day.

Of course, this type of strategy by no means suggests beginning the day with fritters or a chocolate-covered donut, at least not every single morning. This strategy sounds reasonable enough and is, ultimately, not that hard to follow.