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Suitable Spices for Beef

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Beef roll with spices

We know that beef is one of the most healthy types of meat and although it is much more expensive than chicken and pork, for example, it often has to have a spot at our table, at least because of its richness in protein, iron, B vitamins, zinc, phosphorus and what not.

Let's add that it is dietary and could be included in almost all diets. In other words - if want to eat meat, it's best if it's beef.

When it comes to beef, you probably immediately think of our boiled beef stew, but this meat can be prepared in a variety of ways, as long as you find the right recipe and especially the right spices.

Yes, here we will emphasize which the most suitable spices are for beef, because not all spices suit it.

Here we will immediately share that savory herb, mint, samardala and fenugreek are exactly those flavors that would not suit beef, regardless of whether it is boiled, roasted, stewed, etc.

However, here are some spices you can safely add to your beef dish.

1. Pepper

Black pepper for beef

Both black and white pepper, as well as paprika, are suitable flavors for beef, but remember that if you're fring the meat, then with the paprika there is a high probability that you will burn it. If you add black peppercorns, do it at the beginning of cooking and if you're using powdered black pepper - add it at the end.

2. Bay leaf

It goes great with almost any stew, including beef, but is also added at the beginning of cooking.

3. Cumin

The spice which is familiar to us from meatballs and sausages, also fits beef, but is placed directly on it. For example, when you stew it.

Boiled beef stew
Image: Yanka Dimova Dimitrova

4. Celery

A real boiled beef stew would not be tasty if you do not add a celery root or at least celery leaves if you do not have a root.

5. Fresh spices such as parsley, oregano, basil and thyme

They are not very typical beef spices, but it all depends on the recipe you decide to follow. There are dishes in which they enrich the taste of beef, but definitely do not be uncertain about parsley, no matter what exactly you cook with beef - in any case it would suit beef perfectly!