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How to Eat Garlic Properly

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Eat Garlic Properly

Garlic is extremely beneficial for our health. In this advice, we will tell you how to properly consume garlic, so that you don't lose its beneficial properties.

There are studies that show that garlic contains not only minerals, fiber and vitamins, but also allicin, which has antiseptic and disinfectant properties. You should know that at a temperature above 50°C, allicin disappears from garlic.

Therefore, to get the most benefit from garlic, it should be grind it into a paste and leave it for 15 minutes to release allicin. However, you should not grind a whole clove of garlic, it should be cut and grated.

In the cooking process, garlic loses its beneficial properties and can also turn carcinogenic.

- When fried, the amino acids, fats and starch in garlic form acrylamide. This substance is carcinogenic and increases the risk of the appearance of malignant cancer formations;

- If you still want to fry it, it should be done on a very low heat, until it acquires a golden brown color. This will limit the formation of acrylamide;

- Allicin contained in garlic has quite useful properties, but in some cases it can also cause irritation.

The large amount of garlic consumed stimulates our gastrointestinal tract and leads to stomach discomfort.

In conclusion we must say that garlic should be eaten raw and not more than three cloves of garlic per day.

So feel free to eat garlic in moderation and for that you may need these recipes for:

- garlic soup;

- garlic spread;

- garlic bread rolls.



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