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How to Properly Fry Fish?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Fried fish

Fish is an extremely healthy, nutritious and delicious food. It is the basis of all healthy diets. It can be prepared in different ways - fried, baked, steamed or in the form of fish soup.

Frying and baking are the most popular ways to cook fish. Fried fish is especially tasty, although frying is one of the unhealthy food treatments. However, properly fried, fish is an indispensable culinary pleasure, which we should not deprive ourselves of.

Preparing individual fish for frying

Small fish are fried whole and over high heat and large ones are cleaned, cut into pieces and fried over low heat, so that the heat treatment is even.

The pieces for frying are cut obliquely, at an angle of about 45 degrees and it is best for them to be no thicker than 3 centimeters.


Before frying, the fish is salted, sprinkled with black pepper and breaded with flour, breadcrumbs or thin dough. There are different types of breading, breading with egg, beer and breadcrumbs are very popular.

Some cooks marinate the fish before frying it. This is done by drizzling the pieces with lemon juice, a little oil, parsley, chopped onion, black pepper and leaving this filling in the refrigerator for 1 hour. When removed from the marinade, the fish is dried, breaded and fried.

The fish will become tasty and tender if soaked for 20-25 minutes in salted milk, then it is dried and breaded.

Choosing cookware and fat for frying

The fish is best fried in a thick-bottomed pan, as it heats up evenly and there is no danger of some pieces burning. In order not to burn the fish, the thickness of the breadcrumbs is also important. The thicker breading protects the tender meat from burning.

How to fry fish

The fat for frying is most often sunflower oil, as it has no smell and the fish retains the smell of the marinade or breading. However, in order for it to be healthier, it is best to fry it in olive oil. When frying, turn the pieces only once with a spatula.

Here are some more tips for proper fish frying:

• To remove the strong smell when frying fish, put one potato, peeled and sliced, in the pan.

• To prevent the fish from falling apart when frying, first leave it for 30 minutes in water mixed with vinegar in equal amounts.

• When frying, the pieces of fish will not be deformed if you pre-cut them.

If you have decided to prepare fried fish, try:

- fried carp;

- pan-fried sea bass;

- pan-fried sea bream;

- pan-fried salmon;