How To Fry Potatoes

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Fried potatoes

French fries are a favorite food of many people, but it is important how you fry this delicious vegetable, in order to make it as healthy and enjoyable as possible.

The golden crust of french fries is formed, if they are fried properly. The lighter varieties of potatoes are ideal for soups and purees, not for frying.

If you want the potatoes to be crispy and retain their shape when fried, choose yellow or pink potatoes. It is important to cut the potatoes.

The thinner you cut the potatoes, the better they will fry. If you cut the potatoes into thick pieces, you will need to fry them longer.

To make the potatoes tasty, remove the excess starch from them. This will make the fries more crunchy. Cut the potatoes and wash them, then soak them for half an hour in water.

Fried potatoes

Strain and dry them. If water remains on the potatoes, they will spray fat during frying. Fry the potatoes in preheated fat.

The fat should cover the potatoes, halfway. Fry them over high heat and turn them often, in order to fry them evenly. If you do not want crispy, but soft potatoes, add a little water.

To fry the potatoes evenly, fry them under a lid, but this technique requires you to fry them on a lower heat. When the potatoes are ready, season them with salt, sprinkle them with finely chopped garlic or spring onions.

Do not add salt to the potatoes at the beginning of frying, because they will not become crispy. If you like fried potatoes with fried onions, fry them separately and then mix them.

Other potatoes, that are not fully fried and you can also try, are our favorite sauteed potatoes.