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How To Quickly Peel Potatoes?

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Peeled potatoes

Regardless of the method you choose, you should wash your potatoes beforehand. Most potatoes can never be washed well enough, which means that there's probably leftover dirt on them. Take enough time to dry them before peeling them - if you are going to peel them raw.

This will ensure that they aren't as slippery when you hold them. If you don't have the time to leave them to dry, use a clean dish towel to dry them.

The use of traditional tools such as a knife or peeler are extremely convenient and affordable for any housewife. Peel from top to bottom to get a wider and longer peel of the potato. With a little practice, you will need about 30 seconds to peel one potato.

If you're using a peeler, hold the potato in one hand and the peeler in the other hand. Stand over the sink or over the trash before you start peeling the potatoes. This way you will not scatter the pieces of potato skin all over the kitchen.

Don't forget to peel off all the dark spots. You may find that when you peel the potato skin, there may be dark spots on the actual potato. This is perfectly normal - not many potatoes are perfect.

Focus on this area and keep peeling until you have completely cut out the dark layers. Sometimes the dark part of the potato is quite deep (this is often called the "eye"). If this is the case, cut the area out with a knife or the edge of the peeler. The potatoes will not be completely round, but they will still be good to eat.

peeling potatoes

If peeling potatoes before cooking is not in your style or you just do not have the time, try this method. Make a T-cut in the middle of each potato with a knife, while also creating a ring around the potato - even if it's wonky, don't worry, the important thing is that the beginning and the end coincide.

Once you do that, you can place them on the stove. Shortly before removing them from the heat, prepare a container with cold water and ice. When the potatoes are cooked, transfer them into the ice water bath. When cool, peel off the skin.

Here we will share an interesting method for peeling potatoes with a drill / screwdriver. Adjust a metal fork (you will need to break off part of the handle) and attach it to the electric drill.

Stick the fork in the center of the potato. Twist it with one hand so that the potatoes rotate, while with the other hand use the traditional potato peeler (peeler, knife).