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How to Easily Peel an Apple

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Easily Peel an Apple

Apples are an excellent source of energy, since 100 grams of this fruit contain up to 13.81 g carbohydrates. It can be eaten fresh, used as a staple for cooking and for the preparation of drinks.

Apples are loved by many people, but not everyone knows how to easily peel an apple.

In the absence of time, everyone is annoyed by the fact that processing apples takes a lot of time, to peel and remove the core. Some prefer to simply and conveniently cut the apple into 4 parts, remove the core and peel the skin quickly and easily with a fruit and vegetable peeler.

Everyone has their own way of peeling apples, but there is an easy and quick option.

Peeling an apple is a fairly easy and quick process. Do not forget to take a very sharp knife to make the action as effective as possible.

Sharpen the knife before you begin the process of peeling an apple, in order to do it more smoothly.

Take the knife in your right hand, with the other hand hold the fruit with your thumb, the first two fingers should be on top of the blunt side of the blade and the last two fingers on the handle of the knife.

Peeling apples

Pierce the skin of an apple with the knife using the thumb of your left hand, start peeling the skin, in spiral movements.

Continue to rotate the apple, by cutting the skin down, until you reach the bottom of the apple.

That is all! Enjoy your apples.

If you have apples, you have no choice but to prepare:

- delicious apple cake;

- apple pancakes;

- or baked apples;