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Roasted Pigeons are an Exquisite French Delicacy

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Roasted pigeons have been a well-known delicacy in France since way back in the 16th century. This was a favorite dish among aristocrats and is seen as highly refined food even today.

Even though in some countries pigeons are known as rats with wings because they seek food in trash cans and other dirty places, the meat of these birds is so delicious that it is still thought of as a delicacy.

In France, dishes made from pigeon meat are widely popular and are considered to be exquisite. They are offered in restaurants, known for their high-class cooking.

Restaurants in many other countries also offer their diners the opportunity to taste pigeon meat. Pigeons intended for cooking are raised in special farms.

Roasted pigeons

Pigeon dishes are quite expensive and often cost as much as lobsters in some areas. For cooking, the meat of pigeons that are about a month old is used - that is when they have a rich and thick taste, and the meat is incredibly juicy. This is the reason why pigeons have not ceased being seen as a delicacy for so many centuries.

At the moment, pigeon dishes are a huge hit in France, Italy and the US. Even though there are people that would be tempted to try the meat from the pigeons living in the big cities, experts claim that there are deposits of heavy metals in the bodies of these birds due to the polluted air. That is why only ecologically clean pigeons are used for cooking.

Grilled pigeons

Pigeon meat contains very little fat, which makes it very suitable for people who are watching their weight. If preparing meat from older birds, it must be marinated in equal parts water and vinegar for about 8 hours.

Roasted pigeons are made in various ways, they can simply be grilled or filled with stuffing. Roasting is the best method of cooking pigeons. Serve them roasted with a delicious crispy crust, with the meat very slightly undercooked.

Roasting pigeons is best done on a grill, having been previously salted thoroughly and then sprinkled with lemon juice.