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Traditional French Products, Which Are a Source of Pride for the Locals

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
French terrine

In the following article, we will really only write about French products, which are the pride of the local population, not about French specialties.

As is abundantly clear to us, French cuisine is unsurpassed, and not by a paragraph or two. It is extremely healthy, always emphasizing quality over quantity, which is why we would probably offend Americans or American food lovers.

But it is an indisputable fact that Americans like to eat more abundantly, as evidenced by their overweight population, while the French like to eat leisurely and with pleasure, even discussing the food itself over a glass of wine.

It is no wonder that words like "bistro" and "restaurant" are supposed to have originated in France. And for Michelin stars it is clear!

France is proud of its cheeses, and although the famous fondue is not a French invention, but a Swiss one, it is a French favorite in all regions of France. This is not at all strange, because the traditional French products, which are the pride of the locals, also include cheeses, of which are over 400 types.

Among the most popular is Brie cheese, which is named after the French province of Brie, and which many of us remove the rind of, which would offend any French.

No less famous cheeses are Beaufort cheese, which is produced only in Savoy, as well as Münster cheese, the pride of the inhabitants of Alsace, which while eating you will literally have to hold your nose. However, its overpowering smell in no way "harms" its excellent taste, for which this cheese is becoming more and more famous.

Speaking of French cheeses, which many French people have breakfast or toasted French baguettes lunch with, adding various types of jam to them (usually from blueberries or other forest fruits), we cannot skip the meat products beloved by the inhabitants of this wonderful country.

The French are definitely fond of rare meats, but they also like cured ham. Along with all kinds of beef steaks, poultry, as well as game, the French also love pates. And the goose pate foie gras, as well as their foie gras dishes, are nothing short of phenomenal.

This is how the favorite dish of the French Ratatouille was born from seasonal vegetables, which is prepared with fresh zucchini, eggplants, carrots, onions, garlic, etc. Since all these vegetables grow in our country, you can also prepare it regularly.

It is important to follow the basic French rule of all products being in season, using olive oil and not oil for cooking, and getting real Provençal spices.

The arrangement of all the vegetables in the baking pan, so that the dish is not only tasty, but also aesthetically pleasing is a real pride of the people of Nice, which is considered the birthplace of Ratatouille.

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