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Ten Herbs to Save you from Snoring

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Snoring can be an annoying and even irritating problem. It happens as a result of constricted respiratory airways in the throat or a stuffed nose. But before you get fed up and decide to use your pillow to mute the annoying sound coming from your partner that's been turning your nights into an exhausting battle, first try these herbs, as they can successfully deal with the problem without anyone going to jail.

Chamomile and lavender - aromatic soothing agents from nature

Chamomile and lavender help you relax and relieve stress. Often they are prescribed for insomnia and snoring. With their aid, the respiratory airways relax and the annoying sound stops. The most convenient way of taking them is in the form of tea.


Thyme and marjoram for the airways

Thyme and marjoram successfully help cleanse the airways. In folk medicine they are used to treat respiratory diseases. A particularly excellent solution for battling snoring is a tea made from thyme and chamomile / marjoram. Pour boiling water over 1/3 cup (90 g) of dry leaves of the 2 herbs and let them sit for 10 min. Sweeten with honey and your effective remedy against snoring is ready. Drink it before bed.

Fenugreek - nature's remedy against snoring

Fenugreek is perhaps the best natural remedy for treating constricted airways in the mouth, nose and throat. This herb successfully cleanses the lymphatic system by breaking down hardened mucus. It can be taken in the form of capsules but the better option is to take it in the form of tea.

Mint and eucalyptus - say goodbye to your stuffed nose

Mint and eucalyptus easily manage to clear up the nose. They effectively remove mucus from the airways, which helps unrestricted breathing. There are different options for taking these but perhaps the most effective is to put several drops onto your pillow and to sleep peacefully after.

Ginger - it helps and protects

Ginger improves saliva secretion and adds a cover layer and lubricates the throat. The herb gets rid of stuffy nose and soothes respiratory system airways, in this way combating snoring.



Jasmine has the natural ability to break down mucus and phlegm, which helps not only for easier breathing but also for sleeping without making snoring sounds. All it takes is to put several drops of essential oil of the herb onto the pillow and it's problem solved.


Besides against snoring, the root of valerian helps against insomnia. It's best to take the herb in combination with thyme or fenugreek.