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How to Make Wine from Aronia

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Aronia Wine

Wine has been used by the most ancient of civilizations. They would add all kinds of fruits and herbs to the heavenly drink.

The wondrous properties of red wine lie in its polyphenolic compounds (tannin content and pigments). They are commonly referred to collectively as vitamin P. It is this vitamin that contains the most potent antioxidants and fortifying properties.

Red wine is most often made from grapes. However there is a fruit that surpasses it in polyphenolic compounds and which can also be used to make wine. That is aronia.

Aronia is in 1st place among multivitamin fruits with its proven healing properties. It contains 5 times the amount found in grapes. Because of this, wine from aronia or with aronia fruits added to it is many times more restorative and healthy than wine from grapes alone.

When producing wine from or with aronia, it is key to maintain the unique, gentle, tannic flavor, aroma and healing properties of the plant.


Besides improving the taste of the wine, aronia gives it a unique, sweet aftertaste. This is due to the natural sweetener sorbitol, found in the fruit. This substance has a purgative effect on the body by flushing out all toxins from it. Some prefer to add aronia to the raw materials used to make wine. Others are fans of pure wine made from aronia.

Homemade Aronia Wine

Ingredients: a 12 1/2 cups container, 2 lb aronia, 2 lb sugar, raisins.

Preparation: Pour out the fruits in the chosen container and crush them with your hands. Add about 1 1/5 cups of sugar and the raisins. They will aid in a successful fermentation. Pour in hot water, 2/3 of the volume of the container.

Close the container well with a lid and leave it in a dark place for a week. On the 8th day, add another 1 1/5 cups of sugar, then close the container for another 7 days. On the following 8th day, add the final 1 1/5 cups of sugar. After which, let it ferment for another month.

Once you drain out the wine, the residue needs to have settled at the bottom of the container. Filter the wine and let it sit for a time to clear up. To the ready-made wine you can add 4 1/5 cups of grape or apple juice for a more delicate taste.