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Laws of healthy eating

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healthy Eating

Food and the culture of eating well have their peculiarities and one needs to respect them if we want to start a healthy lifestyle. Here's what the laws of healthy eating are:

1. It is important to snack on fruits before the main meal - they degrade much faster than any other food and should be eaten at least an hour before other meals.

2. Do not fry - poach, braise, even bake, but avoid fried foods. They load the stomach too much and are greasy. A well-prepared grilled meat can be just as tasty as fried.

3. Forget snacks, chips and any other things with obscure content and quality. It is much better to eat some fruit instead this kind of "food". It will offer all the necessary ingredients for the body.

4. There should be a variety of food - if your lunch menu includes potato, it is good to eat rice at night, for example. Not a good idea to have the same thing twice a day.

5. When you want to eat meat, do not buy sausages or mince with obscure content. Better buy meat and mince fresh at meat specialty stores.

Breakfast in bed

6. Eat breakfast necessarily in this thoroughly. This is indeed the most important meal of the day - gives you enough energy for everything you have planned.

7. Have dinner at 18:00 every day, then you should not eat any heavy meals. If you still feel hungry eat fruit, but not just before bed.

8. You should drink lots of water - most people overlook water and its properties. The more water you drink during the day, the better it is for your body.

9. Take daily walks - go to work on foot or take the time to do it afterwards, but it is very important to move every day.

10. Do not feel guilty if a rule has been transgressed - try not to repeat, but do not feel guilty or deprive yourself of something.

11. Although you should not be snacking on chips or waffles, in case you still want something that is not attributed to healthy food – eat it, you do not need to worry about it all day. It is better for your body to eat and have its desires satisfied.