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Baba Vanga's Advice on Health and Eating

Plamena M.Plamena M.
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The famous Bulgarian prophetess Baba Vanga advised people on all kinds of issues, including healing and eating. Using her gifts, she has healed thousands of people, telling each one of them what exactly they must do.

Here is some of her most important advice for everyday life:

Move as much as you can and work. Laziness is a disease, which ails us morally, as well as physically. Cleanliness must be enshrined. Defilement - physical or spiritual, is the opposite of that which is created by God, which is always clean and beautiful.

Do not give picked flowers as gifts - you would be bringing sorrow to people, since a picked flower cries like a small child.

Use less fertilizers and chemicals. Our food becomes poisoned, while nature is gasping for air.


The world began with herbs and will end with them. They only heal people. Everyone must heal with their own herbs.

In order to learn how to heal yourself, read the language of Nature - God speaks through it. Everything is written there.

Drugs close the door through which nature can enter with herbs. A sick body can be healed - there is an herb for every ailment.

Honor and protect our mother - the Earth. She feeds and tolerates us, but sometimes rises up and punishes. And she can punish heavily.

Flowers are living things. They emanate energy and give strength. Depending on how flowers grow in a given house, it can be seen whether there is love and harmony in it.


The Earth is a living organism, so do not anger her. To live longer and better, study her language and her rules and follow them. If you are careful, she will give you much. If you get angry, she will punish you, for she is more powerful than you.

You poison the Earth yourselves and feed your descendents with poison. Then you come and complain, "Oh, so many people have gotten cancer, so many new diseases have arisen... Help, Vanga! " Wise up sooner, otherwise you will suffer.

Do not pick flowers - each one of them is like a sun or a bath. By admiring them, you receive such release as you would from the sun or after a bath. When you pick them, they cry.

Do not be afraid of diseases. Have faith - even the healthiest person will die if he doesn't have faith.


Do not sit in a draft, do not sit in a humid area, do not drink cold water. Most diseases come from catching a cold, from humidity.

Yes, modern medicine performs miracles. But God also performs miracles.

Despair is the most horrifying. It is the worst illness and there is no cure for it - it eats you from within.

There are two types of diseases. One type is cured with professorial cures, the other with grandma's. The most important thing for the treatment is to know the diagnosis.


Those who are nervous, those who are afraid of this and that are not sick. It is their mind that is sick. You cannot live in fear - take them to a doctor, to a neurologist, to a healing bath and let that be the end of it.

Drink tea from wild berries and plants often - they are clean and a source of good health. Eat boiled wheat at least once a week. Drink lots of water, to clean out your body and to have strength.

Why do you smoke? If it were a good thing, both men and women would have had chimneys on their heads. Get rid of tobacco, live longer and without illnesses.

Do not sleep on the floor or near the ground. There are lesser spirits there and they may possess you.