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Linden Honey - Healing Properties and Benefits

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Linden Honey - Healing Properties and Benefits
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Honey is one of the first natural products discovered and used by man. It is the only gift of nature that we receive in a completely ready-to-eat form. Honey has strong therapeutic properties due to the natural antibiotic effects coming from the bees body, the nature of the sugars, and the presence of bee pollen and royal jelly in it.

Honey has its types and each of them has specific healing qualities. Types of honey also differ in composition, aroma, taste, and color. Lighter types are easier to digest and are more suitable for children. Dark ones have a highly healing effect because they contain a greater amount of mineral salts. They are used successfully in chronic diseases.

Linden honey is one of the main types of honey known for its healing properties. It is less common in its pure form and is more difficult to obtain. Bees often collect pollen from other plants, and therefore linden honey most often contains other impurities.

How to recognize real natural linden honey?

Linden honey has a light, almost white color, it is highly transparent, sometimes it has a light amber color, much less often it is found in greenish or light yellow. It is most easily recognized by the aroma. It smells strongly and delicately of linden and has a recognizable taste, very specific.

Its medicinal properties are due to its composition. It contains essential oils, among which farnesol is found, causing the characteristic aroma of this type of honey. The action of this substance is aimed at the nervous system, on which it has a calming effect. It is a good antiseptic, which is why honey itself has a healing effect.

Linden honey helps with coughing fits and is used as a sedative remedy for insomnia.

Linden Honey
Image: Iliana Parvanova

Treats bronchitis, soothes asthmatic attacks. It has an expectorant effect and is recommended for colds and flu.

Honey from linden blossom is a useful tool for cleansing sick kidneys.

The effect of linden honey in the treatment of burns and purulent wounds is widely known.

It is a very effective medicine for a unhealthy liver.

The healing properties of linden honey are multifaceted, and therefore when we talk about honey treatment, we usually mean exactly honey collected from the flowers of linden trees.

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