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Cardamom Tea - Properties and Benefits

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Among the exotic refined flavors cardamom does not have a solo role. It is a spicy addition, that adds flavor and aroma, to further please the senses.

In the Middle and Far East, the Indian-born spice is added to tea and coffee and in the Arab world it is a honored drink for potency. The Bedouins add the cardamom seeds through the opening of the teapot and when poured, the hot drink rinses the seeds and absorbs their aroma.

Cardamom emphasizes the natural aroma of the drink and reduces the risk of heart problems. In China they put cardamom in tea to give them more wisdom and Indians drink Masala tea with a lot of cardamom and cinnamon.

In Kashmir they flavor green tea with cardamom for a sweet taste and in the western regions they make herbal tea with a pinch of the aromatic spice. It is suitable as a tonic, for palpitations, as an antidepressant, against fatigue and stress.

The medicinal and tonic properties of cardamom tea are due to its chemical composition. It contains valuable trace elements, among which magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, oils and a complex of vitamins, among which PP, B complex, ascorbic acid can be mentioned.

Because of the expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, the drink is used against nausea and vomiting, for asthma and bronchitis, to relieve migraines and for toothache, kidney, urinary tract diseases and for a more restful sleep.

Cardamom and Masala Tea

Cardamom tea can be prepared in different ways, but the spice is in tandem with another type of tea, it is the exotic pinch, that enhances the healing power of the classic tea. The most pleasant is the one in which the cardamom is brewed separately from the tea and then the two liquids are mixed.

How to make cardamom tea?

In 1.5 liters of water, which must be boiled, put 9-10 pods of green cardamom, which represent the very fruit of the spice. Boil on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then infuse for another 15 minutes.

Some kind of strong tea is brewed separately - green, black Ceylon, along with a piece of lemon or orange. When the tea is ready, the cardamom is boiled again and mixed with the tea. Infuse for a few minutes.

Suitable spices are honey, milk, cinnamon.

The tea can also be prepared by brewing the cardamom and the tea together, by first putting the cardamom into the boiling water and then adding the tea. Such a drink warms and protects against colds, so it is good as a winter tea.