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Japanese Ginseng - Composition, Benefits and Properties

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Japanese Ginseng

Ginseng is a 100% natural product that has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, and which we modern people are increasingly beginning to pay attention to.

There are many types of ginseng, and while the most famous are American ginseng and Korean ginseng (also known as Chinese ginseng), the Japanese deserves no less attention.

The Latin name of Japanese ginseng is Panax japonicum, and we cannot help but mention that the word Panax (it is present in the name of almost all types of ginseng) has Greek roots and comes from panacea. You guessed it - the herb is named panacea because it is believed to be able to help with all kinds of health problems. It's a cure for many things!

Japanese ginseng has a yellowish color, it is harvested in autumn and then dried. You can make medicinal potions from it or directly consume it in the form of nutritional supplements, powders, tablets, tincture, etc.

Like other types of ginseng, Japanese ginseng contains an incredibly healing cocktail of ingredients - essential oils, cellulose, enzymes, fats, phosphorus, vitamins C and B and what not.

Japanese ginseng is used for general strengthening of the body. It has a pain-relieving effect and is very suitable for injuries, joint problems, muscle pain, etc.

Japanese Ginseng - Composition, Benefits and Properties

Japanese ginseng works very well on concentration and memory. Scientists have not yet discovered exactly what this effect is due to, but it is believed to be due to its calming properties, which work effectively against fatigue. In many cases, it is the reason for our poor concentration. In addition, Japanese ginseng also has a powerful antioxidant effect, which acts directly on the activity of the brain. A common combination in nutritional supplements is Japanese ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

The Japanese panacea is also taken when you have had a severe illness or suffer from chronic diseases related to the respiratory system. It has a very good effect on a wet cough accompanied by sputum and has a comprehensive effect on the protection of our immunity.

Japanese ginseng is also a recognized aphrodisiac because it has a multispectral effect on the reproductive system. If you have trouble in bed, be sure to consult your personal physician about how taking Japanese ginseng would benefit you. Remember that like any other herb, it also has some side effects, especially if you do not take it correctly or continuously!