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Chai Masala - All Benefits and How to Drink it

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Chai Masala - All Benefits and How to Drink it

Tea drinking has been an art for centuries in the East. This practice began in China, spread to Japan and the British introduced the drinking of black tea with milk and sugar, which is effectively the basis of the tea called masala.

Over time in India, spices were added to the drink to improve the taste. Most often, they added cardamom, which enhanced the aroma and aided the absorption of milk and also neutralized the harmful effect of caffeine, which is contained in black tea.

Not only is cardamom a spice to this tea. Ginger, cloves and black pepper are also present there. They add this magical unusual taste to the tea, not by chance called masala, which translates as a mix of spices. Their combination today depends on personal taste and preferences.

However, the main spices in chai masala are 4 - cardamom, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon. Cardamom and ginger reduce mucus, relieve gas, soothe the stomach, remove toxins. Black pepper rejuvenates the tissues and cinnamon has a good effect on blood circulation and the heart.

Chai masala is an anti-inflammatory agent with a good pain-relieving effect. It is good for colds and coughs, strengthens immunity and improves digestion. The tannins in the main ingredient - black tea - regulate blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. Cloves remove bad cholesterol and prevent the formation of plaques. The drink awakens and tones the body, but is not for daily use according to Ayurveda because it is too strong a stimulant.

You can prepare chai masala when you need a stimulus and energy or when you have a cold.

Chai masala

Chai masala spices

You will need:

- a liter of water

- 7-8 cloves

- 10 grains of black pepper

- cinnamon stick

- 10 cardamom pods

- 4 slices of fresh ginger

- 1/2 tablespoon of black tea

- 150 milliliters of milk

- honey according to taste

How to make chai masala

Boil the water in a pot. Boil the cloves in it for 1 minute. Then the cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger are added. Boil for about half an hour on low heat with the lid closed. When it is removed from the heat, add the black tea and leave it for a few minutes. Then the milk is added, it is returned to the stove to boil again. It is strained and when it cools, honey is added and it can be sweetened with maple syrup or brown sugar.

Milk, according to Ayurveda, gives the body ojas - immunity, happiness and contentment, which ensure its health in the most subtle way. If the body cannot tolerate cow's milk, it can be replaced with coconut milk or rice milk.