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Walnut Vinegar - Benefits and Application

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Walnut Vinegar - Benefits and Application
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We know that vinegar is a condiment, obtained after fermentation. We are familiar with wine vinegar and in recent years the interest in apple cider vinegar has been so great, that its use has surpassed that of the traditional condiment derived from grapes.

Another type of this product has recently entered the market and this is walnut vinegar. The offer of the manufacturers is a completely natural vinegar obtained during fermentation, without the participation of added preservatives, acids, dyes and others.

In appearance walnut vinegar is a yellow cloudy liquid, because the sediment in it is not filtered to preserve its naturalness when filling in the bottle.

Before that, it was fermented for at least 1 year. It is not pasteurized, so that it doesn't lose its beneficial properties.

How is walnut vinegar used?

This is a product that does not differ from other types in terms of its application. It is a seasoning for salads and dishes, for preparing dressings and as a seasoning in sauces.

It can also be consumed directly, most often as a prophylactic or curative agent. The quantities in this role are 1-2 teaspoons dissolved in a glass of water, which are drunk 2 times a day.

Benefits of walnut vinegar

Walnut Vinegar

Walnuts are known as the food product with the highest possible omega-3 fatty acid content. Hence its enormous benefits for heart health and the brain and it is these organs that are most life-threatening.

A 30 percent reduction in the risk of heart problems is a strong case for regular consumption of walnuts and their products.

Fermented vinegar provides additional resistance against cardiovascular disease. Research shows that its regular use reduces the risk of stroke by 52 percent.

Strokes are a danger that increases rapidly with age and after the age of 60 is a leading cause of severe disability and death.

Natural walnut vinegar also plays an important role in weight control. It creates a feeling of satiety due to the presence of fats, proteins and fibers in its composition.

Scientific circles recommend this variety of vinegar as part of the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is also a powerful means of preventing the disease, as it reduces the risk of its development by 47%.

It also reduces cholesterol, which makes it suitable for all people over 50, since the problem is widespread among them.

As a completely natural product, it is suitable for any type of healthy diet.

Walnut vinegar is effective in weight loss diets, because it burns the fat around the belly.