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How are Porcini Mushrooms Preserved?

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Raw porcini mushrooms

Everyone knows that fresh food is the best food. However, most plant food is seasonal and cannot be used year-round unless it is preserved.

This also applies to porcini mushrooms. The season of this extremely tasty mushroom begins in June. Fresh porcini mushrooms can be collected from the end of May and June until November, provided the weather is suitable for mushroom development.

If there is an abundance of mushrooms, they can be preserved for the winter. From canned mushrooms you can make not only excellent winter salads, but also many dishes - mushrooms with rice, sarma, pizza, pasta and many others.

Canned mushrooms offer different possibilities not only for preserving mushrooms for the seasons when they are not available fresh, but also for adding a desired taste with the help of spices and preparation methods.

Mushroom salad is the most commonly practiced way to preserve mushrooms. Here's an option for a mushroom salad.

Products required:

- 10 kg of porcini mushrooms

- 1/2 kg of onions

- 1/2 kg of oil

Composition of the marinade:

- 5 L of water

- 150 g of salt

- 300 ml of vinegar

- 2 g of bay leaf

- 2 g of black peppercorns

- 2 g of cloves

- 2 g of cinnamon sticks


Jarred porcini mushrooms

Arrange the cleaned mushrooms, separated from the stumps, in jars, add the spices and cover them with the marinade. The jars are sterilized for 60 minutes.

Mushrooms can be used fresh, salted or marinated before arranging them in the jars.

Baked, fried, boiled or steamed mushrooms can be preserved with various spices or sauces - with tomatoes, spices - garlic, black pepper, oil, vinegar, salt, bay leaf, allspice or preserved in their own sauce.

A very suitable supplement for all types of mushrooms, including porcini mushrooms, is white wine, which allows the mushroom to fully reveal its specific taste and aroma.

It is a must to select healthy, fresh mushrooms and to follow the requirements of the recipe, sometimes emphasizing, that the mushrooms must be very young or smaller varieties can be picked.

Canning mushrooms can also be done along with suitable fish or meat, which makes a ready-made mushroom dish for the winter table.

Porcini mushrooms are one of the best mushrooms for making:

- mushroom pasta;

- mushroom soup.

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