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Tips for Canning Mushrooms

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Canned mushrooms

Two main mushroom canning technologies are known - these are salting and marinating. Salting is done in a wooden, enameled or glass container, by adding different types of spices - cumin, black pepper, cloves, horseradish, dill.

When salting, mushrooms are pressed down with weight, so that they can release their juice. Canning mushrooms in vinegar marinade is done in two ways - the marinade is boiled along with the mushrooms or separately.

There's also two types of vinegar marinade for canning mushrooms - the marinade is boiled with mushrooms or separately. In the second case, the marinade is transparent and bright, but the rich mushroom flavor is lost.

An old recipe for field mushrooms will surprise with its aroma and flavor, not only your loved ones, but also you as well. With a thin knife, peel the upper skin of the mushrooms and not only peel the large ones, but also cut them into four pieces.

Sterilized mushrooms

Arrange them in jars, by sprinkling between each row of mushrooms a thin layer of salt mixed with a finely chopped onion and peppercorns. Fill the jar to the top, press it down with a weight, pour the oil, put a piece of cloth, tie it with a string and leave it in a cold place.

If there is too much juice from the mushrooms after a few days, use it to make sauces. In the jar, the juice should be two fingers over the mushrooms. Before consuming the salted mushrooms, wash them with lukewarm water.

Various types of mushrooms are canned with salt, lemon juice, vinegar and spices. Small mushrooms are canned whole, small ones are cut into pieces.

After washing the mushrooms, prepare a solution of water and salt. For each kilogram of mushrooms, dissolve 40 grams of salt in 200 ml of water. Add a few citric acid grains to the solution to prevent the mushrooms from darkening.

Put the pot with the solution on medium heat and as soon as it boils, add the mushrooms and boil them for about five minutes. Mix them and periodically remove the foam.

Add spices according to your taste. Bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, white and black pepper are best for mushrooms. After adding the spices, boil the mushrooms, until they are ready - the solution should become transparent and the mushrooms should fall to the bottom of the pot.

A minute before removing the pot from the heat, add the vinegar - one teaspoon for every kilogram of mushrooms. Distribute the mushrooms with the broth in jars and the mushroom-liquid ratio should be 3:2. Close the jars and sterilize them for fifty minutes at 100°C. Remove the jars and turn them upside down, until they cool.

With marinated mushrooms we recommend preparing:

- mushroom salad;

- pizza with mushrooms;

- spaghetti with mushrooms;

- or steaks with mushrooms.