Tips for Boiling Meat

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Nadia Galinova
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Boiled beef
Image: Elena Stefanova Jordanova

In order to make meat tasty and healthy, it is boiled in a certain way. It is boiled in water or in vegetable broth. If you put the meat in boiling water, the top layer of protein will coagulate very quickly, which will prevent the nutrients in the meat from dissolving in the water.

If the meat is placed in cold water, the nutrients will pass into the broth. The useful substances in meat are soluble proteins, mineral salts and some vitamins.

The proteins that pass into the broth coagulate under the influence of high temperature and form foam. Although the foam is traditionally removed, if left, it will saturate the broth with more nutrients. After a while, it will disappear on it's own.

The quality of boiled meat and the strength of the broth depend mainly on the ratio of the amount of meat and water. Therefore, you must correctly choose the size of the cookware, in which you will boil the meat.

During the boiling process, about 35 percent of the liquid contained in the raw meat passes into the broth and this happens in the first fifteen minutes of boiling.

That means that the broth becomes more and the meat decreases in volume. Therefore, you should not try to cover the meat with water at the beginning of the boiling process.

The meat is best cooked under a tightly closed lid with minimal boiling, so that few bubbles appear. This prevents the fat from emulsifying and the greasy taste of the broth from appearing.

There is usually no oxygen to oxidize the fat under the tightly closed lid. The washed and cleaned from skins and fat meat is placed in salted water with spices. Salt prevents the juices of the meat from passing completely into the broth.

Adding water during the boiling process of the meat is not allowed, as it definitely spoils the taste of both the broth and the meat and that should never be allowed to happen.

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