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How to Cook Dried Porcini Mushrooms

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How to cook dried porcini mushrooms?

Drying is a way to preserve fresh porcini mushrooms when they are in season. The dried porcini mushroom preserves the useful properties of the mushroom, as well as its taste and aroma qualities.

The porcini mushroom itself is not by chance considered the queen of mushrooms with its high protein content. Added to sauces and mushroom soups, dried porcini mushrooms make mushroom dishes taste special and have a wonderful aroma.

In their dried state, the porcini mushrooms can be boiled, marinated, fried or frozen. The drying process itself takes place in dryers in a shaded place that is well ventilated. Once properly dried, porcini mushrooms can be stored for up to a year under proper storage conditions, otherwise they lose their flavor.

Before using the dried porcini mushroom in any recipe, they must be soaked. The dried parts - stumps and caps, are poured into a container with cold (or warm) water. The soaking time depends on the method by which they will be prepared, and varies - from 20 minutes to 6 hours.

After they have soaked, they are boiled. If you are going to fry the mushrooms, the boiling can be skipped. Professional chefs advise to soak dried porcini mushrooms in milk to make the dish more aromatic and satisfying in taste.

After the mushrooms swell up, they are placed in a colander to strain the water. They are cooked for 20 minutes to an hour, the time depending on the size of the mushrooms. They are ready when they sink to the bottom of the container. Then they are taken out of the water.

It is best that the dried porcini mushroom dish is consumed on the day of its preparation. The next day, the taste is lost and on the third day, the dish can cause diarrhea.

Each dried mushroom dish recipe has the following benefits:

Dried porcini mushrooms

- Satiates quickly;

- It has a low glycemic index;

- Contains useful vitamins, amino acids and a lot of fiber;

- The dishes are low-calorie and suitable for regulating digestion;

- Recipes with broths and soups from dried mushrooms strengthen immunity;

- They calm the nervous system and have a mild sedative effect;

- They are a lean food, which is suitable during fasts;

- They are not inferior to meat in terms of taste and are a way to pleasantly diversify the menu with an elegant touch.

Sample recipes such as soups, fried dried porcini mushrooms with potatoes, porcini mushrooms with sour cream and many other porcini recipes can be prepared with dried porcini mushrooms.

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