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Peach Seeds - What to Use Them for

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Nadia Galinova

Among the fruit trees, peach is one of the most loved by both gardeners and people. Gardeners love it, because the tree is adaptable, bears fruit very quickly, is easy to transplant, grows in sunny and warm places and people love the taste of aromatic and sweet peach, which can be consumed both fresh and processed. Peaches are consumed in the form of peach compotes, peach jam, natural juices, even as fruit brandy.

History of peaches

The first written information about the peach on our continent is by Theophrastus, who mentions it in his writings. The place of the fruit is also shared by the authors in Ancient Rome. They mistakenly had thought that the fruit tree originated in Persia, which is why the tree is called Persica in Latin.

It was not until the 19th century that it became clear that peach was native to China. In ancient China, the tree was deified. They believed that eating peaches guaranteed immortality.

On our continent, this fruit is also welcomed. People symbolise the peach as a symbol of longevity and family happiness.

Useful properties of peach

Peach nectar

The idea of ​​the fruit as a symbol of longevity and even immortality in ancient times comes from the beneficial properties of peaches. Although in the Middle Ages peach was considered poisonous and doctors used only the leaves of the tree, it was not long before the discovery that the fruit has strong healing properties.

Peach is a medicinal and dietary fruit because of pectin, carotene, essential oils and organic acids it contains, such as citric, tartaric, malic. Iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, magnesium and selenium are the elements that peach is rich in. Other useful substances in it are vitamins - C, group B, PP, E, K and folic acid.

It helps with heart disease and hypertension. It participates in cancer prevention. You can treat your stomach problems and anemia with it. Peach is also suitable for boosting immunity, arthritis and kidney disease. Excellent prevention against stress and depression.

Use of peach seed

Peach seeds

The peach seed wraps around a hard stone and is usually discarded after consumption. However, it contains a seed that contains no less useful substances.

First of all, the peach seed contains vitamin B17, known as amygdalin - the most powerful natural remedy for cancer, as well as for its prevention. Consumption of one seed a day is an excellent prevention against cancer. The hard stone is dried and the seed is removed and consumed.

Peach seeds are a proven means of combating a nervous stomach. To do this, crush 3 peach seeds and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey and the mixture should be taken twice daily before meals. Starch helps digestion.

In ancient times, a cure for malaria was made from the seed and bark of the tree.

From dried seeds and bark from the tree, you can prepare a medicine used for chronic bronchitis, asthma and respiratory problems. It facilitates the expectoration process and lowers high temperature.

The bitter oil contained in the seed is used in cosmetics.

And in the form of delicious peach pie or peach pastries, the juicy summer fruit enters our menu and brings us joy.