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Culinary Use of Poppy Seeds

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Poppyseed yoghurt

Poppy seeds have been used in cooking for centuries. Braised poppy seeds are akin to walnuts in taste. They are quite caloric - they contain much proteins and fats.

When ground, poppy seeds are used as spicy seasonings. They are used as stuffing in salty and sweet bakery goods.

Poppy seeds are added to scones, pastries, rolls, pastas; they can be added directly to the dough, sprinkled on top or used as a filling. Before use, poppy seeds need to be washed with water. To do this, place them in a sieve, so that the water can drain away.

To soften the poppy seeds, pour boiling water over them, leave them in a warm area for 2 hours and then grind them in a mortar and pestle. This way, it will become thicker and more delicious.

If you fry poppy seeds and add them to lasagna or spaghetti, you will end up with a dish of extraordinary taste and delight your loved ones.

Poppy seeds are often mixed with honey to make various desserts. They can also be added to yoghurt containing mashed fruits to get a tasty and more unusual dessert.

Poppy seed cake

Poppy seeds are an original addition to different kinds of salads - fruit or vegetable ones. A cabbage salad turns out incredibly delightful and interesting if poppy seeds are added to it. Potato salads also taste better when poppies are added.

If you add sprouted poppy seeds to your salads, they end up even more scrumptious. To do this you need to put your poppy seeds atop a thick layer of paper towels and sprinkle it with water. After the seeds sprout slightly, add them to your salads, or use them as an addition to sandwiches.

If you add poppy seeds to a crumbing for meat or fish, it will taste even better. Whenever poppies are used as a filling for bakery goods, boiling water is poured over them, 2 hours later they are ground in a mortar and pestle and either sugar, vanilla, cream, honey or jam is added to it - whatever the recipe says.

You can use poppy seeds to make a quick and easy dessert of peaches or nectarines. Cut the fruits in 2, remove the pits and fill the halves with a mixture of sugar, cream, ground hazelnuts and poppy seeds.