How to Cook Bonito

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Bonito could be bought from a variety of locations - fishermen cruise the streets and sell it at very low and affordable prices. Actually this fish as a whole is not particularly cheap, but because of the great fishing during the summer, you might also enjoy lower prices, which more people can afford.

However, the question comes not just with buying a fish and a taking it home. What to cook with this bonito and how will it be the most delicious? Grilled, or is it better or to fry? Is this oily fish or more dry? All these questions will be answered, but this will also offer a very interesting and delicious recipe for bonito.

Bonito recipes

As to the heat treatment, bonito is suitable for making any way. Becomes very tasty fried and baked - on the grill or in the oven. For some people, it is a greasy and heavy fish and prefer to grill it, others use an oven, and others - do not find it necessary to stand around the grill and fry it directly in preheated oil.

Spices that go on the bonito are standard suitable for fish dishes. There is no big philosophy in preparation. You can do it by already known recipes in foil with tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes, just baked with herbs, garlic and lemon juice, baked in the oven with white wine and more. Generally, variety reigns in bonito recipes, and you alone decide which one is the most delicious.

We will offer a recipe that is actually quite simple, but made this way, bonito becomes very tasty, tender and brings a true delight to the senses. Here's the recipe:

Bonito in stew

Products Required: bonito, 2 tomatoes, 2 onions, pepper, salt, bay leaf, white wine, garlic

Preparation: Washed and pre-cleared bonito is cut into rings and placed in a greased pan. On it also put chopped onions and sliced tomatoes, sprinkle with spices, and put two - three cloves of garlic. It only needs you to pour ½ tea cup of white wine and the same amount of water on it. Put the casserole in the oven at 360°F (180 °C) and leave it there for about 40-45 minutes. Leave the fish in the oven after it is turned off.



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