How to Cook Squid?

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Squid are delicious gifts of the sea, but there are specific requirements for their culinary preparation. If not cooked CORRECTLY, squid shrink and lose not only their size but also taste.

If you bought frozen squid, thaw them in advance and leave them at room temperature. It is not recommended to dip them in boiling water, they will lose its beneficial substances that will pass into the water.

When boiling water, meat squid turns pink. If you are in a hurry to thaw them, leave them in lukewarm water in an open container at room temperature.

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Once the squid is thawed, take a thin knife and remove their skin that looks like a transparent membrane. It is not good to cook them cleaned from the skin.

Heat water in a saucepan and add salt to taste, 1 bay leaf and a few grains pepper. Place the squids one by one in the boiling water.

Drop a squid into boiling water, count to ten and remove with a slotted spoon. Wait for the water to boil again and put the next squid in it.

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If you leave the squid to be cooked for a long time, they will look like small pieces of shriveled rubber and their taste will change. The longest time, which you may leave the squid in the boiling water is two minutes. Then the taste changes, and even seasoned with spices, it is no longer enough palatable.

The protein of squid has such a structure that, in continuous cooking- it is solidified. If you cook it for more than half an hour, again softening, but the size is reduced by more than fifty percent.

Properly cooked squid are not only tasty but also easily absorbed by the body. They contain valuable substances, beneficial to the body.

Cooked squid is used for preparing salads and main dishes, but can be served simply seasoned with a little olive oil and lemon juice as a tasty appetizer.

Cooked squid is cut into pieces and added to the appropriate sauce, it’s very suitable for matching with various pastas.



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