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Five Natural Probiotics That you can Add to your Diet

Monika IvanovaMonika Ivanova
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Typically, fermented foods provide numerous health benefits to the body - from boosting the immune system and improving stomach and intestinal function to relieving insomnia. From a culinary standpoint, they provide a much fuller and unique taste. The list of products below will help choose which foods to include in your diet.

1. Kombucha

Kombucha is a superb beverage with a magnificent health benefits. It's now well-known and widely available, so it shouldn't be too much trouble finding it in the nearest health food store. A single serving will provide you the necessary probiotics.

2. Kefir


It may sound quite exotic but this is actually a dairy drink made from kefir grains. The list of benefits from kefir is practically endless - it's suitable for low carbohydrate diets, aids food-digesting enzyme function and has positive effects on the immune system. If you're able to procure kefir grains, you have to soak them in full fat milk for 24-48 hours. It makes for an exceptionally tasty breakfast when combined with wild berries, honey and chia seeds. You can store it in jars in the fridge.

3. Pickled Vegetables


This is perhaps the most commonly used method for storing and consuming vegetables that have gone through the fermentation process. Almost every kind of vegetable can be pickled but pickled cucumbers remain the most widely recognized and used. That way they're preserved for an extremely long time after being picked, while the spices and seasonings added to them prior to pickling make them even more desirable.


4. Chili

The greater part of the chili sauces sold in stores are full of preservatives, which is why it's good to learn how to make and store this magnificent sauce ourselves. A chili that's gone through fermentation, closed in suitable jars and kept in a suitable place is the perfect solution for adding something spicy to an otherwise ordinary dinner. With it you can rest assured that you will have charged your body with a probiotic and you won't have any needs of pills.


5. Kimchi

If you've never tried kimchi before you need to quickly remedy this mistake. It's typically a vegetable combination of fermented cabbage, carrots and cucumbers but there's numerous versions of it that you can find online.