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Latvia Bans the Sale of Energy Drinks to Kids

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Starting June 1, 2016, Latvia will be prohibiting the sale of energy drinks to kids under 18 years of age. This decision was made by the country's last Parliament meeting.

According to new legislative changes, retailers will be requiring personal identification to certify that the person in question is 18 years or older before they can buy an energy drink in the country.

The new law was passed on recommendation of doctors, who warn that energy drinks lead to addiction and hyperactivity, which can lead young people to start using drugs.

Energy drinks contain over 159 mg of caffeine per 4 1/5 cups (1 liter), as well as stimulating substances such as taurine, inositol, the alkaloid guarana, ginkgo extract.

Drinks with caffeine will be banned for sale in all schools in the country.

Ads with energy drinks will also be limited. Every one of them will have to warn about the dangers resulting from their excessive consumption.

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Energy drink brands will also be prohibited from sponsoring sports events.

By approving this decision, Latvia is following the example of its neighboring Lithuania, which banned the sale of energy drinks to kids under 18 in 2014.

The Latvian marketing association is opposing this decision however, stating that it was passed at odds with the free trade law on European Union territory.

This ban will affect not only advertisers but the competitiveness of Latvian business as well.

The association has urged the Latvian government to reconsider the newly passed law. They are convinced that people's health won't improve by resorting to such extreme measures.

Attached to the letter sent to politicians is a text by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which explains that daily intake of up to 400 mg is safe.