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Top 5 of the Most Soothing Drinks

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Chamomile tea

Everyone has heard that there are various soothing drinks from ancient times that continue to be popular today.

A number of products are used to make them and each one of them has unique qualities that help with healthy sleep and achieving a state of complete rest. It's really hard to determine which are the top 5 most soothing drinks, but here are 5 of them that have proven their qualities over time:

1. Herbal teas that can be prepared from different herbs or a combination of them. Among the most soothing teas are chamomile teas or thyme, but they can also be mixed with mint.

Freshly sqeezed fruit juices

These herbs have a mild soporific effect and are particularly suitable for taking before bed. You can add a little honey to them and besides a soothing effect, you will be sure to take care of your general health as honey is among the strongest natural antibiotics.

2. Green tea works not only very well on one's concentration, but also on one's sense of calmness. While you should be careful not to overdose on green tea, it has been used since ancient times by the Chinese to soothe all the senses.

3. Fruit drinks that are prepared from freshly squeezed fruit also have a proven calming effect. Among them pineapple juice stands out, which definitely calms the nerves and takes care of our good sleep.

Note that this is only about freshly squeezed juices, as natural juices sold in stores often have unclear content and contain too many preservatives and colorings.


4. Warm milk with honey has a proven calming effect and is good to drink just before going to bed.

5. According to many experts, vegetable juices also have an extremely soothing effect, but you must be careful as to what exactly they are made from and whether they are really freshly squeezed. It again applies to them whether they are fresh or bought from the shops.

No less important is which vegetables you choose. As strange as it may sound to you, onions can also fight against insomnia and have been used for these purposes since the time of Ancient Egypt, as it contains quercetin.