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Health Benefits of Chokeberries

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Chokeberries (Aronia) are a favorite fruit of deer and rabbits, as well as many people. Besides their magnificent taste, they bring numerous benefits to the body. Due to their acrid taste, they are not fit for direct consumption, but are perfect for everything else - juice, wine, jam, liquor and others.

Chokeberries are among the best antioxidants given to us by nature. They contain huge amounts of bioflavonoids and vitamin P in amounts many times greater than that found in oranges and apples.

There are 2 types of chokeberries - red and black. While the red ones are sweeter, the black ones are slightly acrid. However, both types contain a significant amount of nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

The benefits of chokeberries have been known for years, which explains their neverending popularity. As a whole, it can be stated that they are rich in all kinds of vitamins and especially in the not so popular vitamin P.

Chokeberry cake

It helps in strengthening connective tissue and prevents capillary bleeding. It is often used during recovery after a heart attack, stroke and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Fresh chokeberry juice is among the most effective measures against high blood pressure. Furthermore, it stimulates the immune system. The fruit is not only not prohibited but is actually recommended for diabetics. It also gives positive results in the fight against liver cancer.

Additionally, chokeberries contain iodine, potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Consuming it has a prophylactic effect - it protects against viral and bacterial infections, it soothes bronchitis.

Chokeberry juice gets rid of headaches, fatigue, nervous tension, and stimulates the regeneration of muscular and bone tissue.

Another interesting property of chokeberries is the anti-radiation effect. It protects against computer, mobile phone and all kinds of radiation rays. Or at least that's what scientists claim.

Lastly, chokeberries have an anti-allergenic effect. They are suitable for little children, pregnant women and can be included in all kinds of diets. They have an excellent impact on growing children.