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The Most Harmful Foods for your Child

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Child eating

There are certain foods that have a negative effect on the health of children. They are especially dangerous if your child eats them regularly, since the child's body has yet to develop.

Some foods can have an adverse effect on the weight of the child, by leading to a rapid increase in pounds. A few types of food are harmful to your child's health.

But it is these same ones that children love most, that's why you might have a difficult time with the challenge of getting them to stop buying them.

Kids love to eat sandwiches with various types of salami, but it is much healthier to boil chicken or beef meat and make a healthy sandwich using them. Salami are unhealthy for children, since they contain stabilizers, artificial colors, flavors that cause harm to the child's body.

Jelly beans, that kids consume by the handful, are not among the healthiest for them. Substitute them with dried fruits.

Sodas and so-called fruit juices are filled with sugar and are a real magnet for kids. Teach your child to drink freshly squeezed juices. A healthy drink option is the juice of compote.

Harmful foods

One of the favored temptations for children are French fries, which are offered in fast food chains. These are not good for the child's stomach since they contain way too much fat. Substitute French fries with steamed or baked potatoes.

Croissants, donuts and other pastries, that many children begin their day with, do not provide the body with the energy it needs. They contain carbohydrates, while a child's body is in need of proteins in the morning.

Besides sodas, energy drinks are a favorite among many kids. This is complete insanity - to allow your child to gulp down a liquid that is filled with sweeteners, artificial flavors and caffeine. An alternative to energy drinks for your child is cocoa and hot chocolate, which also provide energy.